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What Exactly is SEO? And How it helps your Business

Basically, SEO is an Optimization process, which involves optimizing web pages for targeted keywords so they can get to the top of a search engine.


Let’s try and apply this to your business.


Assuming you offer plumbing services here in the woodlands, there are tons of people searching for plumbers in the woodlands.


According to Ahrefs, about 70 people search for that term 


And the number one result gets about 260 visitors / month, for just that page, alone.


Now imagine, your business having potential 260 customers/ month, that’s going to increase your revenue dramatically.


This is where the woodlands SEO Expert, Smart- innovana comes in.


 Simply creating a website will not and will never get you more customers, you need us to help bring in these customers to your business.


This works in any business, and it’s not just restricted to plumbers alone.

Why you should hire the woodlands SEO (Smart Innovana)

  •  We get your business Customers

A Lot of other SEO companies in the woodlands will promise you Google rankings, but there’s more to that, simply getting Rankings doesn’t get you customers.


How will you feel if you have 260 persons coming to your site and no one actually filling a form and scheduling an appointment?


Definitely Not good right?, 


You need not worry as the woodlands SEO company in texas, we ensure that your visitors count.




Here at Smartinnovana we follow a Genius Process to optimize the copy of your, pages for conversions, we make sure that each and every user that comes into your website makes you money.


While we don’t control people’s behavior, we incorporate awesome copy written content in your SEO pages, this increases conversion massively.


  • Effective Communication:


Our agency, highly value customer’s communication, as your SEO company in the woodlands Texas, we make sure that we communicate as regularly as possible, so you can see the progress of your site’s SEO.


We send bi-weekly reports to your business, and you’ll get to see how well we have worked in the past 2 weeks, so that’s two reports in one month.


  • Get Value for Money:


SEO is an investment, we use your budget diligently to make sure that you get the best ROI possible.


Having a good SEO company in the woodlands Texas is very important as you know fully well your budget is Well spent.


  • We follow Google Guidelines


Tons of SEO agencies in the woodlands can’t deny this fact: 




If you hire an seo agency that doesn’t follow Google’s Guidelines, eventually Google will send your business Website a penalty, and this will make you lose all rankings, and eventually your customers Searching for your business.


Making this mistake can lead to loss of money, we know this is very dangerous, and that’s why we have decided to follow Google Guidelines for each of our clients, so they can keep getting customers Forever!

How we handle the woodlands SEO Client’s Website:

On Page SEO

Optimizing your web pages, for google search engines.

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We Make sure that your web pages are properly optimized to be found on Google

Handle your Blog

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We Handle your website’s blog and get traffic coming from the blog as well. This helps in SEO as a whole.

Off Page SEO

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 We get links your company deserves to get through outreach. 


If this is done wrong your website will be penalized, this is what sets us apart from other SEO agencies in the woodlands, we don’t go against Google Guidelines, hence making our SEO process very effective IN THE LONG RUN 

Building Citations

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We build Citations to make sure that your business gets external signals from other business known in the woodlands Texas

Optimize Your Pages For Conversion

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One thing is to get visitors, another thing is to turn them into your customers, as one of the woodlands SEO, we strive to make sure that we Optimize your web pages for conversions, so as to get more customers.

FAQ for The Woodlands Tx SEO agencies

What are the frequently asked Questions,that SEO agencies in the woodlands Texas get asked?


We’ll answer some of them now!


How long does SEO take?


An SEO campaign takes 6-12 months, you should start seeing some spikes in traffic at month 3-5


Are Google Rankings Guaranteed?


We do our Job to Optimize your web pages for SEO and all other factors, we do not have control over Google Rankings algorithm, neither do any other SEO agency in the world.


Success are as a result of the good Job we do, hence we don’t guarantee Rankings, but we are sure we will get you the results you deserve


We are the best SEO the woodlands tx you can ever have, fill in the form below and we will be ready to make your business more money!